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Bed Bugs Detection and Treatment

For the Best K9 Detection Teams and the Leader in Thermal Remediation Electric Heat Treatments in the Greater Atlanta Area, McDonough, Macon, Savannah, Hilton Head, St. Simons, Athens, Gainesville, Alpharetta, Blue Ridge, Cartersville,Griffin,  and surrounding areas of Georgia and South Carolina.

To Better Serve You and to expedite contact by the correct Representative  If you will simply fill out our Bed Bug Questionaire we will contact you promptly to answer questions and possibly schedule an inspection or evaluation.

We have a lot of experience with Bed Bugs and can help to ease fears by providing accurate information.  We understand and can help lead in the proper direction for your particular issue. All Bed Bug issues are not alike. We must be very adaptive to situations. If you have bites but have not observed bugs or evidence of bugs we will likely recommend a K9 inspection to determine the presence or absence of bed bugs. We do want to find evidence of activity before a treatment plan is made.


We offer Multi-Unit discounts for K-9 Inspections. This is very useful for Hotels, Apartments, Assisted Living, Nursing Homes, Group Homes, Summer Camps, Dormitories, and any other transient home environments.

We can schedule an appointment to evaluate and give an estimate for inspections using “Our Sensor Bed Bug K9 Team”. They are specially trained K9″s that only alerts to live Bed Bug Activity. By using their keen sense of smell they are able to more proficiently determine whether activity is present or absent.
These dogs have been on numerous television shows over the years and have accomplished some amazing tasks.
How can a dog be trained to find Insects?  A dog’s sense of smell is their main sense. Weas humans think in terms of vision because that is our main sense.
When you go home after work and there is spaghetti cooking and you open the door you smell the spaghetti however the dog smells all of the ingredients of that spaghetti seperately almost like a rainbow. We use non-intimidating dogs and they naturally love to hunt. They can get into tight areas and are easily groomed. The fact that they are cute is also nice.

I have completed thousands of inspections using dogs to find termites and bed bugs with amazing results throughout Georgia. By using the dog as a tool they can pinpoint the area of infestation so that we can eliminate the infestation with little or no pesticide depending on the findings.

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