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When dealing with bed bugs infestation it is frustrating!



When a Bed Bug infestation is identified the next step is to choose what method to use. Pesticide treatments are what we started with when bed bugs re emerged about 15 years ago in the Atlanta – Savannah – Macon – Hilton Head Areas.

We were frustrated also because of the bed bugs resistance and resilience. We had several houses that were very difficult to control. After talking to several expert entomologists i.e. Paul Bello among others I learned about Thermal Remediation Heat and its effectiveness. We decided to invest in a Trailer unit to begin with. After training and launch we have adapted over the years and in most cases we have found it to be by far the most effective method. We have added other protocol because We Want Success !

We also use a small amount of residual sprays and dusts during heat up.

All of a sudden your life changes because of some little bugs. We use encasements for mattresses and box springs.We can provide K9 Sensor Dogs if needed.


We give a 60 day warranty ! Detection is critical to a successful treatment.

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Accurate Inspections

Our K9 Team can inspect a lot of units accurately without dismantling everything.

Less Pesticides needed...

By knowing more accurately where the infestation and nesting areas are located you can be much more successful and use much less pesticide.

Bed Bugs Spread So Easily...

By Using the Sensor Dogs on a Regular Quarterly Maintenance Program you can Manage a Facility and Stay Ahead of the Problem.

Not Obtrusive

If you manage a Apartments, Senior Living, Assisted Living, Nursing Home, Day Care, Theatre, Hotel, or any other higher risk situation give us a call to get a price on our K9 Services. We can tailor an inspection program to fit your needs and budget.

Bed Bugs Around Atlanta

With the amount of Travel around the Atlanta and surrounding Area Bed bugs are being left behind by travellers thus infesting many Hotels, and Hosts.

Camps in Georgia

Camps are a lot of fun however there is the opportunity for Cabins and Campsites to get infested and spread throughout as the Social Transient Movement in those areas is high. Having the Cabins inspected in between Sessions is a good way to stay ahead of any infestations. Or cure current ones.


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